The Mom’s Circle will include a five week, ALL online, group coaching program hosted in a private Facebook group. Upon registering, a gift will be mailed to you for your use during the program. Each week a topic will be covered and posted, a reflective assignment will be given and an optional live Q+R (Question + Response) Zoom call will be available for further dialogue and coaching.

Each attendee will also receive an Epigenetics hair follicle scan test along with a personal test results report and a Zoom call to review their results once they are received (within about 14 days ). Epigenetics testing gives a thorough sixty day snapshot into the body and tests for the following: food interferences (food allergies), nutrient deficiencies, toxin levels, antioxidants, minerals, EMF radiation exposure, parasites and viruses, heavy metals and more.

Mom’s Circle Schedule:

1. (Optional) Schedule 15 minute phone consultation

2. Order Hair Follicle Test Online + Submit Payment in Full

3. Hair Follicle Test is sent to you within 5-7 days depending on your location. Follow test instructions + submit test.

4. Results will be completed within 14 days and you’ll be contacted to schedule a Zoom coaching session to review the results.

5. Submit online personal documents before your Zoom session

  • Week One: Topic: Rebooting Your Frame

    {This topic will also include: key components to hormonal reset, preventing adrenal fatigue and burnout, epigenetics information overview, and having a personal movement plan.}

  • Week Two: Topic: Cultivating A Mother Heart

    {This topic will also include: masculine and feminine energy balance, key components of the “heart of a mother”, mothering from connection and rest, healing mother wounds and forming healthy attachment.}

  • Week Three: Topic: Authentic Self Care + Self Love

    {This topic will also include: processing trauma and heart pain as a Mother, knowing your limits and creating internal capacity, eradicating false humility and self criticism, shedding perfectionism, fear and control, having stress outlets and loving yourself well.}

  • Week Four: Topic: Living from True Rest

    {This topic will also include: improving sleep quality, practical keys to increase energy levels, key components to lessening anxiety and releasing unhealthy burdens, getting to the root of forgiveness and bitterness, trust and letting go of fear and control.}

  • Week Five: Topic: Cultivating Creativity in the Home Environment

    {This topic will also include: finding the balance of order and structure within the home, finding flow within your home, finding joy in meal planning and creating, consuming healing foods and creating an atmosphere of comfort and safety.}

To register:

1. Fill out the personal info form (below) and email to
who will be in touch if you’re accepted into the program with payment and program location details. *Upon registering you’ll receive a welcome gift and your epigenetics hair scan test will be sent directly to you as well.

I’d Love to Have You Join Me (on the journey!)

I’d Love to Have You Join Me (on the journey!)

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