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About Ashley

Born a South Florida native and raised in Massachusetts, Ashley began experimenting with many different diets and fitness routines starting at an early age of twelve. Throughout the majority of her teens and twenties, she was very self-conscious and concerned about her weight and image. In her mind, she perceived herself as “fat” and “not quite perfect enough” although on the scale she was never technically overweight.

Her heart and passion for nutrition, fitness, cultures, and overall health was passed on from three women. Her Mom raised her to be health conscious and always incorporated being healthy and active as a normal part of family life. Being raised in the 90’s where fat-free, sugar-free and low-fat diets were a growing fad, she didn’t know any better and filled their home with those products. Although her Mom was very non-invasive about health, being health and weight conscious became an obsession from a very early age along with the start of an eating, image, and identity disorder.

Originally from Spain, her Step-Mom, helped her to see that things like olive oil, dark chocolate, coffee, and good tasting things (even un-healthy foods) in “moderation” were all good for your health and overall well-being. She also introduced her to many delicious European/Mediterranean-inspired dishes as well as a heart for European culture.

When she was eighteen, she was introduced to mission-focused trips to international countries, from a woman who later became one of her mentors. From then on, she has continued to travel internationally and learn more about different cultures and nations and their patterns of food, lifestyle, family, and traditions. It was also then that she realized that her greatest struggle with food, body image, and fitness had also become her greatest passion and purpose in life.

Her heart is to help others find health, happiness, and wholeness from the inside out … body, mind, spirit and soul. She does so practically through one on one and group holistic health coaching, educating through health workshops, online avenues and courses, and speaking engagements. Her training includes a Bachelor degree from Florida Atlantic University in Intercultural Communications with a minor in Women’s Studies. She’s a certified Health Educator with Hallelujah Acres, has a degree in ministry, has completed many hours of counseling and is a licensed Holistic Health Coach with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She also has additional training in Women’s Health and Hormones. In addition, she has been a facilitator of leadership equipping, coaching and training with millennials for the past fifteen years, in one on one settings and week long leadership summits.

She’s been happily married to her South African husband, Grant for fourteen years now and together they have three little girls (Summer, Addie and Lucca) they homeschool. As a family, they enjoy outdoor adventures, cooking and creating new recipes in their home, traveling, being local “foodies” and tourists wherever they reside. They lived in SoFlo (South Florida) for the past twenty years and recently moved to Maui, Hawaii. Her passion is to unite, celebrate and see powerful women not be jealous of one another but truly inspired, safe and sincere with one another.

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