Coaching the Whole Heart: Mind, Body, Spirit, Soul … Whole


Coaching the Whole Heart: Mind, Body, Spirit, Soul … Whole

“Working with Ashley is helping me learn about the foods I put into my body and changing the way I view what and why I eat what I do. It’s also changing the way I view myself and helping me to realize I am loved and worthy of love. It’s great to have her support as I learn about this new way of viewing myself and food.”


West Palm Beach, FL

“This was exactly what I needed to place my life in the path I should be and my heart on a mindset of freedom + acceptance. It was probably the most enlightening guidance I have ever received to free myself from a lifelong sugar addiction.” 

Riane, Pompano Beach, FL

“I have learned so much through this #thirtydaysugarchallenge not only about health in general but about myself. Everything I’ve learned though boils down to three main things — Take it Slow, Be Prepared, and Forgive Yourself.”


West Palm Beach, FL

“Working with Ashley has been great! She infuses her knowledge with her heart and soul.”


Sunrise, FL

“My time working with Ashley has been a life changing experience that has opened my eyes to the power and freedom available in a lifestyle and relationship with food that is healthy and whole. I will forever be grateful for her help to reset my system, learn about my body’s needs, and become familiar with the right foods, exercises, and self care to help it excel! I 10/10 recommend her services — you will not regret it.”


Weston, FL

“Ashley’s course was a game changer for me! It revamped my relationship with sugar, not because of a list of do’s and don’ts, but by giving me the tools to ask the deeper questions to find the source of my cravings and have better conscious control over my own food choices-it was like therapy!” 

Hali, North Carolina


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